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Kool-1, TR 3

Kool-1, TR 3

Everybody in the little town of Port Mohawk likes the newcomer Trey, but Brent quickly sees that Trey is different from the other high school students. It doesn’t really matter, though, because everybody has a good time – even when they begin to take drugs. Brent and some of the others know it’s wrong, but they continue to do it until they come face to face with the fact that taking drugs can take your life …

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1. oplag 19. jan. 2019
72 sider
Niveau: Teen Reader Level 3-10. klasse Fag: Engelsk 2. udg. 2015 Forlag: Alinea Redaktør: Katrine Rørvig
93 , 75 kr.
75 , 00 kr.
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