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Del af forlagshuset Lindhardt og Ringhof

Forlagshuset Lindhardt og Ringhof
Forlagshuset Lindhardt og Ringhof består af forlagene Lindhardt og Ringhof, Carlsen, undervisningsforlagene Alinea, Akademisk Forlag og Alfabeta samt det internationale, digitale forlag Saga. Besøg vores forlag herunder.
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66 , 00 kr.
82 , 50 kr.
Im Chatroom gefangen, TR 1

Im Chatroom gefangen, TR 1

The story is about a boy, Stefan, who is pretty much alone all the time, and he spends most of his time playing computer games. In the chat, he finds an unknown person who offers to help him with his game. She calls herself Krille and claims to be a girl. Without a second thought, Stefan gives away his email address, and one day Krille shows up at his door.
But when his parents come home, Stefan is nowhere to be seen. He did not leave any messages and his phone is one the table. Where is Stefan? And who is this 'Krille'?

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1. oplag 01. jan. 2018
48 sider
Niveau: Teen Reader Level 1 Fag: Tysk 2. udg. Forlag: Easyreaders Redaktør: Lise Nerlov
82 , 50 kr.
66 , 00 kr.
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