Paul Davenport

I had the good fortune of being born in a small town (how small? Population 8,500 - well, OK, 8,489) in Northern Maine in the U.S.A. As a boy, my love of fishing led me a merry chase deep into the Maine woods in pursuit of the wily brook trout. Those happy hours instilled in me a love of nature that has remained with me throughout the years. My colleagues can vouch for that. On teacher outings in the lovely German countryside, they know me as they guy who's always interrupting conversations with cries like "Look, there's a hawk!" or "Do you see those deer over there?". After completing postgraduate work at university in 1975, I moved to Germany, where I have been living - in Lingen (Ems) - and teaching at the same school (a very creative environment) ever since. I am the regular contributor to journals for teachers of English, have collaborated on an English textbook for German sixth-graders, have written an interactive play for ninth-and tenth graders, The Royal Choice, and a reader, Wolf Watch, for Teen Readers. In my spare time I enjoy jogging, playing table tennis and, of course, fishing.

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