James Heneghan

James Heneghan was born 1930 and brought up in Liverpool, England, and in Ireland, where his parents came from. He was a police officer in Liverpool for a couple of years but decided to leave England for Vancouver, British Columbia. After five years, he worked as a fingerprint specialist with the Vancouver Police but was fed up with staring at fingerprints and decided to become a teacher. He is now working with young people, teaching English in high school. "In James Heneghan's books, reality bites, and it bites hard!", says one critic. James Heneghan started writing children's storied with a friend and teaching colleague and is today one of the most acknowledged authors of historical fiction for children and young adults in Canada and the USA. His popular, award-winning books, known for their realism, adventure, action and suspense, often tell stories of teenagers struggling to overcome personal difficulties. He has won the Shelia A. Egoff B.C. Children's Literature Award three times for his titles, "Flood", "Wish Me Luck" and "The Grave". In addition, "Wish Me Luck" was nominated for a Canadian Governor General's Award and "The Grave" and "Torn Away" were selected as American Library Association Best Books for Young Adults. You are welcome to email James Heneghan at:

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