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Sarin in Sulphur Valley, 1, Read On, TR 2

Sarin in Sulphur Valley, 1, Read On, TR 2

Dette er en flergangsbog til engelskundervisningen i 7. klasse.

A new series of Teen Readers with CD and challenging tasks included.

Read ON develops the four key areas of language learning as all titles include a CD and eight pages with tasks that are closely related to the text:

  • Zoom in on vocabulary
  • Zoom in on speaking
  • Zoom in on writing
  • Zoom in on grammar

Level 1
Fantastic tales of the friendly pirate John Cook’s life at sea (CEFR* level A1).

Level 2
A captivating fantasy series about Sarin’s search for her real parents (CEFR* level A2)

* Common European Framework of Reference

Sarin in Sulphur Valley
Sarin is on her way to the Emperor’s City to find her parents.

Her only clue is a star shaped jewel that looks just like the Star Tower in the Emperor’s City.

But the road is dangerous and goes through the Sulphur Peoples’ valley.

The Sarin books

  • Sarin in Sulphur Valley
  • Sarin in the Emperor’s City
  • Sarin in the Foggy Mountains
  • Sarin in Nordheim
  • Sarin in the Salt Mine
  • Sarin and the Star Tower.

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