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Muy lejos de Madrid , ER A

Muy lejos de Madrid , ER A

Muy lejos de Madrid': The scene is the Spanish Civil War. Several families are staying outside Madrid, but cannot get into the city. The whole colony is awaiting the possibility of returning. The story is a dialogue between a mother and her children about their fears and the separation from their father.

'El primo Rafael': Two boys, Julio and Rafael, are staying with their families in a summer resort at the time of the outbreak of the Civil War. Their village is in the front line. We learn about the war through the two boys' conversation and through the things they see.

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3. oplag 20. jan. 2006 Niveau: 8. klasse Fag: Spansk 2. udg. 2006 Forlag: Alinea Redaktør: Ulla Malmmose
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